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Energy_Policy_Center_logo_1At the Energy Policy Center, we are agnostic on energy resources. It is our strong belief that the choice of energy resources should come from the demands of the free market, and not from the preferences of policymakers, lobbyists, or special interest groups.

The goal of the Energy Policy Center is to promote a free market in energy production, where no protections, subsidies, or regulations result in energy winners and losers. We advocate that government remain neutral, which then encourages a level playing field. That is the best way to ensure that consumers reap the benefits of a healthy energy market – competition, lower prices, and more options.

Latest Posts

  • In Weld County oil and gas is all of us

    In Weld County oil and gas is all of us

    • September 10, 2016

    Below is my column that appeared in the August edition of The Best of Greeley.   In Weld County oil and gas is all of us By Amy Oliver Cooke   Those of us who have the pleasure of living in Weld County know just how vital oil and gas is to our local community.

  • Xcel Energy, PUC, and OCC are Irresponsible by Ratepayers

    Xcel Energy, PUC, and OCC are Irresponsible by Ratepayers

    • September 7, 2016

    By Amy Oliver Cooke and Michael Sandoval Is it time to eliminate the Office of Consumer Counsel (OCC) and elect our Commissioners who serve on the Public Utilities Commission (PUC)? Maybe. Our recent insider perspective on the so-called approval process by supposedly neutral regulators leaves us pondering that very question. The most recent Xcel Energy

  • Anti-fracking ballot measures’ failure is a win for Colorado, but it’s only temporary

    • August 30, 2016

    The announcement today by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office that Initiatives 75 and 78, two anti-energy measures targeting hydraulic fracturing and oil and gas natural resource development and endangering property rights throughout the state failed to gather sufficient signatures to make the November ballot, was certainly welcome news for us at the Independence Institute’s

  • Seizing power: Hick may issue exec order to slash emissions

    Seizing power: Hick may issue exec order to slash emissions

    • August 23, 2016

    Developing story One of the worst kept secrets in Colorado energy policy circles finally is public thanks to PoliticoPro. Governor John Hickenlooper has floated a draft executive order to slash carbon emissions from the power generating sector by 35 percent by 2030, as compared to 2012 levels. Doing his best President Obama impersonation, the Governor

  • The ‘War On Coal’ threatens a sleepy Colorado mining town

    • August 19, 2016

    (Craig Station, Moffat County, Colorado. Photo: Michael Sandoval) CRAIG, Colo. — Coal, from extraction to use as a generation source, forms the literal bedrock of Craig. (Welcome to Craig. Photo: Michael Sandoval) The past few years have shaken the once quiet town, as an onslaught of federal government regulations and actions by environmental activists bent

  • WildEarth Guardian effigy appears nears Craig, Colorado

    • August 9, 2016

    In their attempt to kill coal in northwest Colorado, the WildEarth Guardians earned the deep ire of many town residents, who came up with creative ways of pushing back against the activist lawfare group. From tossing New Belgium beer from their store shelves when it was discovered the brewery had offered support to WEG in



Amy_Oliver_Cooke_TNAmy Oliver Cooke, Executive VP and Director, Energy Policy Center
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