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Signing_of_Constitution_Chandler_Christy_smThe Constitutional Studies Center combines careful, objective scholarship into the original understanding of the Constitution with advocacy for human freedom under law. It produces books, issue papers, articles, and legal briefs reporting the results of its research. Since 2010, the Center has had enormous influence on constitutional law cases and commentary, but also on policy makers and grass roots activists. For example, the Center’s research findings galvanized the massive and growing “Article V” movement to restore constitutional limits on the federal government.

Latest Posts

  • The Supreme Court’s Latest Abortion Decision: More Confusion and Incoherence2

    • July 24, 2016

    The anti-democratic incoherence in the Supreme Court’s latest abortion decision makes one wonder just how much longer the American people are going to stand for this sort of thing. In the wake of a horrific Pennsylvania abortion scandal, several states passed laws toughening restrictions on abortion providers. Among those states was Texas. One provision of

  • Three New Supreme Court Cases Show in Some Areas, the Constitution No Longer Matters0

    • July 13, 2016

    Note: This article originally appeared at CNS News. An earlier version included unauthorized editing and should be disregarded. Three recent Supreme Court decisions reveal in the area of personal rights, most of the justices are applying rules unrelated to the U.S. Constitution. In two of the cases, the majority refused to protect rights expressly laid

  • Abolish the Filibuster? Maybe We Should0

    • July 10, 2016

    Should freedom advocates support the U.S. Senate’s “filibuster” rule? The traditional answer has been “yes.” But we might want to take another look. The Senate’s filibuster system allows individual Senators to block legislative action by making long speeches (i.e., “filibuster”) on the floor. When several Senators take turns speaking, they can block legislative action indefinitely.

  • New Edition of the Article V Handbook Now Available!1

    • July 1, 2016

    In 2011 a national trade group of state lawmakers asked me to summarize Article V research for state legislators around the country. The group, the non-partisan American Legislative Exchange Council, wanted a practical guide for how state decision makers could begin the task of curing our dysfunctional federal government. The result was the Article V

  • Restoring ‘Diversity’ To The Supreme Court0

    • June 28, 2016

    This article originally appeared in the Daily Caller. Liberals talk a great deal about “diversity” these days, so it is ironic that so many have lined up in favor of President Barack Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. On important measures, Garland would render the Court less diverse than it is now. One

  • Report on the Constitutionality of the “Compact for America” Plan Expanded0

    • June 25, 2016

      The Article V Information Center has updated and expanded Rob Natelson’s report on the constitutionality of the “Compact for America” (CFA) plan to amend the Constitution. The original report found that the CFA plan suffered from serious constitutional defects, and that it was unlikely to survive judicial challenge. After it was issued, Rob received


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