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Signing_of_Constitution_Chandler_Christy_smThe Constitutional Studies Center combines careful, objective scholarship into the original understanding of the Constitution with advocacy for human freedom under law. It produces books, issue papers, articles, and legal briefs reporting the results of its research. Since 2010, the Center has had enormous influence on constitutional law cases and commentary, but also on policy makers and grass roots activists. For example, the Center’s research findings galvanized the massive and growing “Article V” movement to restore constitutional limits on the federal government.

Latest Posts

  • Statement by Rob Natelson on the “Compact for America’s” Latest Attack0

    • August 22, 2016

    The authors affiliated with the Compact for America (CFA) would have us believe that states may use their ordinary law-making power to reduce the Constitution’s extended five-step amendment procedure to two steps, and that the courts will meekly acquiesce. Common sense tells us that the courts are unlikely to do so. The conclusion of common

  • The 37th “Convention of States” Discovered!6

    • August 21, 2016

    Recently a professor teaching constitutional law at a prestigious university wrote in one of the nation’s top newspapers that we should oppose an Article V convention of states in part because the 1787 Constitutional Convention is “the only precedent we have.” As occurs too often among law professors, he obviously had not researched the subject

  • Convention Rules from the “Assembly of State Legislatures:” Two Cheers Only0

    • August 17, 2016

    In June, the Assembly of State Legislatures (ASL), a planning group of state lawmakers, issued suggested rules for an Article V Convention for Proposing Amendments. The rules represent a commendable effort. But they also fall short in a number of ways, partly because the composition of the ASL differs from that of an actual convention


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