Pamela Benigno has been the director of the influential Education Policy Center since 1997. She directs projects, writes, and speaks about K-12 education, including school choice and school accountability issues. Her work frequently accomplishes real-world results.

Mrs. Benigno provides a counterbalance to the education establishment. A tireless advocate for public and private school choice, she works with education organizations, policymakers, and community leaders to expand school choice opportunities. She has served on various committees, including the State Board of Education’s implementation advisory committee for Colorado’s school voucher program (later struck down by the court), and is currently a board member of an online charter school. To empower parents, she directed the development of the unique, user-friendly that educates English- and Spanish-speakers about the many educational options Colorado offers.

Mrs. Benigno has authored and co-authored numerous publications. Cited in the Wall Street Journal and other publications, her report No Child Left Behind Mandates School Choice exposed Colorado school districts that failed to properly notify parents of their educational options under No Child Left Behind.

She briefs legislators, speaks to groups, and provides guest commentary on local radio and television broadcasts. A former public school teacher and homeschooling mother, she first became involved in school reform efforts in 1985.


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July 23rd, 2014
Remember that clip from the ages-old education documentary Waiting for Superman, where we’re told that American students are behind the pack in math in almost any way you measure it, except for one: Yes, when it comes to students’ classroom confidence (“I get good marks in mathematics”), a much different story emerges: The USA is [...]