2015 ATF Party

Saturday, August 15

With Special Guest

NFL Legend, two time Super Bowl champion and NRA Board Member

Dave Butz


Kiowa Creek Sporting Club

Bennett, CO

Saturday, August 15



Registration: 8:00 AM

Shoot begins: 8:30 AM 

Lunch, cigars and libations: 1 PM

Shooter ticket: $200

Lunch Only: $65

Buy your tickets here!

For more information, please contact Mary MacFarlane at








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October 4th, 2015
If any public policy lesson stands out from the experience of the 20th century, it is that socialism doesn’t work. I use the word “socialism” in its technical sense of government ownership of the means of production—or, in lay language, government operation of business enterprises. Socialism in this narrow sense must be distinguished from the modern [...]