The goal of the Energy Policy Center is to promote a free market in energy production, where no protections, subsidies, or regulations result in energy winners and losers. We advocate that government remain neutral and level the playing field. That way consumers can reap the benefits of a healthy energy market - competition, lower prices, and more options.



August 27th, 2015
Sen. Michael Bennet, joined a bipartisan group of officials in Colorado questioning the proposed Environmental Protection Agency’s new ozone rule proposal at the recent Colorado Oil and Gas Association Energy Summit in Denver: Senator Bennet and Gardner participated on a panel hosted by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association on August 26. Below is the question [...]
August 20th, 2015
This week the Independence Institute released the results of poll concerning the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan and who Coloradans feel does a better job when it comes to guarding the state’s environmental quality–folks here prefer Colorado oversight to meddlesome DC regulations: The poll was conducted August 9-10th and found those surveyed more likely to [...]
August 13th, 2015
To say the Environmental Protection Agency has been in the news lately would be an understatement. Just this time last week, less than 24 hours after triggering a spill of toxic sludge including heavy metals into the Animas River in SW Colorado, most folks were unaware of the situation due to a lack of EPA [...]
August 6th, 2015
Colorado’s expected targets on carbon reduction from the finalized Clean Power Plan unveiled Monday: Colorado’s 2030 goal of a 28 percent reduction in overall carbon dioxide emissions — or a 40 percent reduction in the pounds of CO2 emitted per megawatt hour of electricity generated — was set using a 2012 benchmark. “Having them stick to [...]
July 31st, 2015
New Belgium Brewing Company, along with Colorado renewable companies and a few dozen other organizations, has submitted a letter today to Governor John Hickenlooper, encouraging the state’s top official to move forward in a timely manner to impose the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan rule on carbon reduction, stressing the importance of renewable energy: We, [...]
July 30th, 2015
The Clean Power Plan’s timeline for compliance may see an extension, and the final rule itself may be revealed next Monday: The final version of President Obama’s signature climate change policy is expected to extend an earlier timeline for states to significantly cut planet-warming pollution from power plants, according to people familiar with the plan. If enacted, [...]
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August 28th, 2015
So union leaders and members come to an agreement with pay raises and some concessions from district leaders -- an agreement praised by the Denver Post -- yet JCEA wants to keep fighting for control. And they want us to believe their focus is what's best for students? JCEA brass is focused on the "big lift," leaving many great teachers and even more kids trapped in between.