Ben DeGrow is a Colorado-based public policy analyst with a focus on education labor issues. Since joining the Independence Institute in 2003, Ben has advanced its research in the areas of collective bargaining, teacher unionism, teacher employment, and school finance. He oversees the Education Policy Center's informational Web site for teachers and coordinates the Institute's outreach to teachers.

Ben has authored seven Issue Papers, 17 Issue Backgrounders, and numerous opinion-editorials for the Independence Institute. His writings have appeared in such Colorado publications as the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Pueblo Chieftain, Colorado Springs Gazette, Greeley Tribune, Longmont Times-Call, Colorado Statesman, Colorado Daily, HeadFirst Colorado, Grand County Daily Tribune, Denver Daily News and Vail Mountaineer. He is a contributing editor for the national monthly School Reform News, and serves as the regular free market blogger voice on Education News Colorado.

Ben has made many guest appearances on Colorado radio and television programs to discuss policy issues. He has testified before legislative committees and has given presentations to community groups, legislators, candidates, and national conferences.

Ben was born in Pontiac, Michigan, in 1977, and grew up in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. He graduated summa cum laude from Hillsdale College in 1999 with a B.A. in History (Political Science minor) and received an M.A. in History in 2001 from The Pennsylvania State University.

Ben’s experiences in the classroom include leading recitations and discussions as a university graduate assistant and a term as a substitute teacher in public elementary and middle schools in Michigan. He also spent nearly a year on the editorial staff of the Hillsdale Daily News, where he earned Associated Press honors for local sports writing.

Ben is married to Marya DeGrow, who also is his co-worker in the Education Policy Center. They are parents of two daughters: Kyria and Elizabeth.

Among Ben’s favorite pastimes are reading, playing piano, hiking, visiting historic sites, and participating in various sports. A diehard baseball fan, he regularly dreams of a World Series matchup between his two favorite clubs: the Detroit Tigers and Colorado Rockies.


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February 6th, 2016
The “Bundy stand-off” in Oregon at a federal wildlife refuge has triggered (or, rather, re-triggered) questions about the constitutionality of federal land ownership. Westerners in particular question why the federal government should own nearly 30% of the country. In the West, the issue is particularly important. The federal government has title to about half the [...]