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How to Enforce the Promise of Limited Government
Join us for an evening with Clark Neily, senior attorney at the Institute for Justice (IJ) and author of, Terms of Engagement: How Our Courts Should Enforce the Constitution's Promise of Limited Government. Event is Wednesday, April 16, 5:30-7 at the Independence Institute offices (727 E. 16th Ave. Denver, CO 80203). FREE with RSVP. You can RSVP online here or over the phone at 303-279-6536.
Attacking the 1st Amendment...
Cyberbullying bill endangers free speech
On March 12, the Colorado House passed House Bill 1131, on “cyberbullying of a minor.” While undoubtedly well-intended, the bill as written is an unconstitutional restriction on protected speech, and should be swiftly dispatched by the Colorado Senate. Eugene Volokh and Mike Krause explore the pitfalls of this dangerous piece of legislation in this Complete Colorado Page 2 op-ed.
Colorado's health exchanges...
No Audit Yet
What are they scared of? The Colorado health exchanges we have thanks to Obamacare will not be audited... for now. Why not? Because Colorado's Senate Democrats are blocking an audit. Taxpayers should be outraged, says Joshua Sharf in this Complete Colorado Page 2 op-ed.
Reaching the Hispanic Community...
Raaki Garcia Show
The Raaki Garcia Show is primarily in Spanish with experts in education, law, politics, policy, energy, and the goal is to educate Hispanic families about the ideas of liberty and free markets. Listen every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-12p on 1150 AM and online at www.onda1150am.com.
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The Cauldron
Independence Institute president Jon Caldara has a blog! The Cauldron is where Jon takes on life, liberty, and libations everyday. In addition, guest authors like Professor Rob Natelson, Mike Krause, and Dave Kopel are featured occasionally to spice things up when Jon is too hung over to write. Check out The Cauldron to keep up with Jon and the whole Independence Institute gang.

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April 18th, 2014
Earlier this year, the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy published my article showing that the Constitution’s Recess Appointments Clause limits presidential vacancy appointments far more than President Obama (and most prior Presidents) have claimed. I posted earlier on the same subject here. The issue is before the Supreme Court right now. The Recess Appointments [...]

The Evidence Continues to Pile Up on “Recess Appointments”.
Breath of Fresh Air: Teachers Stand Up Against Tenure Lawsuit, Union Bullying.
Cheering for New Hampshire Kids to Win Their Day in (the Supreme) Court.
Amy Oliver Show: Jeffco School Board Steps Forward (r Show: Jeffco School Board Steps Forward http://education.i2i.org/2014/04/amy-oliver-show-jeffco-school-board-steps-forward/ http://education.i2i.org/2014/04/amy-oliver-show-jeffco-school-board-steps-forward/#comments
How to Avoid the Munchkins: A Little Tenure Reform Advice for Kansas.