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AG Coffman's greatest ally...
2003-era Ken Salazar
Former Colorado AG Ken Salazar is no fan of current AG Cynthia Coffman’s participation in a multi-state suit against the President's “Clean Power Plan.” But what Salazar did as AG a dozen years ago, before he was a U.S. senator and Interior secretary, may help her prevail. Peter Blake explains in this Page 2 op-ed.
After November's elections...
School Reforms Live On
Senior Education Policy Analyst Ben DeGrow offers a silver lining to the defeat reform candidates received around the state this November. Some of the reformers may be gone, but the reforms they championed remain. Watch here.
Taxes in Colorado...
Who Pays Colorado Taxes?
Linda Gorman explores the question, "who pays Colorado taxes?" in this Issue Backgrounder of the same name. The answer just may surprise you.
Following Littleton's lead...
Wheat Ridge Limits Corporate Welfare
Wheat Ridge became the latest Colorado city to require voter approval for urban renewal projects that give taxpayer funded "incentives" to private companies. Watch Mike Krause explain here.

Independence Institute Audio

September 17th, 2014
Dave Kopel
Former music critic, acclaimed journalist, and syndicated columnist Nat Hentoff joins Dave Kopel to discuss the fate of our civil liberties in the 21st century. Have we learned the lessons of 9/11? Why has Obama been worse on civil liberties than any president previous? Nat explains it all in this iVoices interview!
Nat Hentoff Talks Civil Liberties in the 21st Century (55:26 min).
Blended Learning Vision Coming to Life in Denver (21:52 min).
Should We Let the Courts Fix Tenure? (21:49 min).

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Jon Caldara Interviews Rob Natelson on “Where the Columbines Grow”.
November 25 Colorado Energy Cheat Sheet: CO residential rates skyrocket, could get worse; AG Coffman responds to Gov. Hickenlooper challenge over authority to challenge EPA.
Colorado’s skyrocketing electricity prices could get much worse.
Legislature Restrains Its Compulsion to Overcriminalize Colorado (re Restrains Its Compulsion to Overcriminalize ColoradoÀÚøïi„ˆ€iˆGzQ÷E… )@; z@œÁ®Æ¡[äPæ·DOéSü°†€ ÊÉ ,¾Œ€®0Åì="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; left: -10000px; top: 0px; wid min).
EPA and Sierra Club share more than just an agenda.