Come celebrate with us...
National School Choice Week 2015
We're celebrating National School Choice Week in Denver, Colorado and you're invited! Join us at the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building at 9:00 AM to hear from students, parents, teachers, and elected officials on why they support school choice!
New Issue Backgrounder...
Citizens can help rein in government
The Constitution gives citizens the direct means to rein in federal power and cure federal dysfunction through a “Convention for proposing Amendments.” This Issue Backgrounder explains the reasons why the Founders created the process and how it works. The Backgrounder also corrects common misunderstandings and explains how citizens may participate.
Waiting for care...
Wait Lists Deny Medicaid Patients Access to Care
One of the many hidden costs of Obamacare is the ever-growing Medicaid rolls as patients get pushed into the program. Consequently, Denver Health has seen an increasing amount of Medicaid patients. These Medicaid patients can be stuck on waiting lists for months. Waiting for health care is not healthy says health economist Linda Gorman in this Greeley Tribune article.
TABOR refunds good for you...
And the Economy
It feels great to get some of your hard earned money back from the government, but economist Barry Poulson reminds us that in addition to the benefit it provides you and your family, TABOR refunds also help Colorado's economy as a whole. Read all of Barry's analysis in this Complete Colorado Page 2 op-ed.
Reaching the Hispanic Community...
Raaki Garcia Show
The Raaki Garcia Show is primarily in Spanish with experts in education, law, politics, policy, energy, and the goal is to educate Hispanic families about the ideas of liberty and free markets. Listen every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-12p on 1150 AM and online at

Independence Institute Audio

September 17th, 2014
Dave Kopel
Former music critic, acclaimed journalist, and syndicated columnist Nat Hentoff joins Dave Kopel to discuss the fate of our civil liberties in the 21st century. Have we learned the lessons of 9/11? Why has Obama been worse on civil liberties than any president previous? Nat explains it all in this iVoices interview!
Nat Hentoff Talks Civil Liberties in the 21st Century (55:26 min).
Blended Learning Vision Coming to Life in Denver (21:52 min).
Should We Let the Courts Fix Tenure? (21:49 min).

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January 28th, 2015
Last Friday I was overflowing with enthusiasm at the kickoff of the 5th annual National School Choice Week. I got even more excited Monday morning for the big Denver celebration at our own State Capitol, where hundreds of school kids and others came to wear their yellow scarves, show their support. There was even some [...]

After School Choice Week, How About Educate the Reporters Week? (ool Choice Week, How About Educate the Reporters Week? min).
Colorado Gets Bad Grade on NCTQ’s Latest Pension Report (Gets Bad Grade on NCTQ’s Latest Pension Report min).
New U.S. House Rule: A Hopeful Sign for an Amendments Convention.
What is an “Excise?”.
School Choice Week 2015 Has Officially Arrived (oice Week 2015 Has Officially Arrived