Come shoot it, slam it, and smoke it...
ATF Party 2015!
Enjoy the perks of adulthood with the Independence Institute! Come shoot it, slam it, and smoke it Saturday, August 15 at the beautiful Kiowa Creek Sporting Club in Bennet, Colorado. Our celebrity shooter this year is 2-time Super Bowl Champion and NRA board member Dave Butz! Order your ticket online here or call Mary MacFarlane at 303-279-6536, ext. 102.
A story you haven't heard...
JeffCo Mom Thanks School Board
JeffCo graduate and mom Jennifer Butts thanks the current school board for listening to parents like her, and for advancing reforms that help ensure her kids -- and all JeffCo kids -- have access to options that best serve their needs. Watch video.
Health exchange...
Spends Big for Little Coverage
Though Colorado exchange costs are higher than predicted, its benefits are lower. In this Complete Colorado Page 2 op-ed, Linda Gorman goes through the expectations and promises made about Obamacare working through Colorado's health exchange. Turns out, the reality has fallen far short of the hype.
Haven't you heard?
JeffCo Board Vindicated
This is the third in Complete Colorado reporter Sherrie Peif’s series of “Know before you go” stories, breaking down the arguments presented by a group of Jefferson County residents seeking to recall three members of the JeffCo school board. In this story, Sherrie reports on the board's vindication from the whole AP History uproar.
Reaching the Hispanic Community...
Raaki Garcia Show
The Raaki Garcia Show is primarily in Spanish with experts in education, law, politics, policy, energy, and the goal is to educate Hispanic families about the ideas of liberty and free markets. Listen every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-12p on 1150 AM and online at

Independence Institute Audio

September 17th, 2014
Dave Kopel
Former music critic, acclaimed journalist, and syndicated columnist Nat Hentoff joins Dave Kopel to discuss the fate of our civil liberties in the 21st century. Have we learned the lessons of 9/11? Why has Obama been worse on civil liberties than any president previous? Nat explains it all in this iVoices interview!
Nat Hentoff Talks Civil Liberties in the 21st Century (55:26 min).
Blended Learning Vision Coming to Life in Denver (21:52 min).
Should We Let the Courts Fix Tenure? (21:49 min).

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August 3rd, 2015
Most of the “prestige” law journals have shown no interest in publishing my articles, including those that later turned out to be influential. This is not surprising, since year after year those journals remain firmly in the hands of the legal Left. But the prestige journals have shown considerable interest in publishing articles that [...]

A “Prestige Journal” Effort to Rebut Rob.
Whither the Article V Convention Movement? David Guldenschuh Reports.
The Legal Case for Federal Land Disposal is Much Stronger than Critics Think.
A(New)PUSH for Truth in American History (H for Truth in American History Fri, min).
Letter to Hick: New Belgium, renewable companies encourage Clean Power Plan implementation.